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MAEIL Mamma Baby Porridge (100g) [9m~12m]
Price RM8.40 RM9.90
Product SKU MMBP
Brand Maeil
Size (L x W x H) 9.5 cm x 2 cm x 16.5 cm
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  • Organic rice and carefully slected Korean vegetables
  • Ready-to-serve
  • Simple & microwavable packaging
  • HACCP & ISO certified

  • Use of Gokseong organic rice and carefully selected domestic vegetables
  • Ready to serve
  • Simple & Microwavable Package with no need for separate baby food utensils
  • HACCP and ISO certified Products

      Age: 9~12 months

     Serving Size: 100g



Seaweed & Beef (9m+)

Organic Rice 8% (domestic), Beef 5% (domestic), Carrots (domestic), Onions (domestic), Potatoes (domestic), Radish (domestic), Dried Seaweed 0.15% (domestic), Sweet Pumpkin (domestic), Purified Water, Corn Starch


Broccoli & Chicken (9m+)

Chicken Breast 8% (Domestic), Organic Rice 8% (Domestic), Potato (Domestic), Carrot (Domestic), Broccoli 4% (Domestic), Onion (Domestic), Radish (Domestic), Sweet Pumpkin (Domestic), Purified Water, Corn Starch


Scallop & Tofu (12m+)

Purified Water, Organic Rice 9% (domestic), Carrot 5% (domestic), Courgette 4% (domestic), Onion Puree 4% (domestic), Scallops 3% (Chinese), Radish 3% (domestic), Tofu 2.7% (Domestic), Broccoli Puree 2% (domestic), Starch


Asparagus & Chicken (12m+)

Purified Water, Organic Rice 9% (Domestic), Chicken Breast 8% (Domestic), Onion 4% (Domestic), Carrot 3% (Domestic), Green Pumpkin 3% (Domestic), Sweet Pumpkin 2% (Domestic), Mushroom 1.5% (Domestic), Asparagus 1% (domestic), Corn Starch


Shiitake Mushrooms & Beef (12m+)

Organic Rice 9% (Domestic), Beef 5% (Domestic), Onion (Domestic), Carrot (Domestic), Mushroom (Domestic), Broccoli (Domestic), Potato (Domestic), Sweet Pumpkin (Domestic), Shiitake 1.5% (Domestic), Purified Water, Corn Starch

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1 x MAEIL Mamma Baby Porridge (100g) [9m~12m]