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Baby Cereal


As a growing human being, we are constantly craving for a variety of food. Fried chicken, McDonalds, spaghetti, you name it. Babies are not much different too. They might not be able to speak verbally yet, but deep down inside, we know that they definitely wish to eat something new everyday. Wait till your baby grows up and has fully developed their speaking abilities, you will soon be able to hear:” Mummy, I want to eat cake!” for the next few days HAHA.


So what foods are suitable for babies to eat? Especially for those who are of 6 months or above. Unfortunately, they have yet to be capable of eating solid food, so they tend to just stick with mushy food for the time being such as baby cereal. But to all parents, no need to worry, at kait lifestyle store, we have a variety of baby cereal to choose from which will satisfy your child’s unspoken cravings!


Why should you feed your 6 months+ babies baby cereal?

Baby cereal with a bit of water, breast milk or infant formula has been the first food many parents feed their babies. Mainly, it is because the iron contained in breast milk is seemingly insufficient for a 6 month old baby as iron is essential for their brain development. Therefore, baby cereal will replace breast milk as a source for iron and zinc which are vital for babies’s rapid growth. Aside from that, it is easily digestible and is less likely to cause allergic reactions. Moreover, it is cheap and easy to mix with other foods.

For those who wish to prepare simple and tasty baby cereal at home, here are recipes from some experienced bloggers that will ignite fireworks in your baby’s taste buds!


  1. Carrot, corn and pumpkin baby puree


A simple recipe by just blending carrot, corn and pumpkin together for a simple yet refreshing taste for your baby!


Source: http://www.babyfoode.com/blog/carrot-corn-pumpkin-baby-food-puree


  1. Zucchini, apple and kiwi puree with mint


This recipe could act as a starter for your children to slowly get used to the taste of greens ;-)


Source: http://www.babyfoode.com/blog/2015/4/19/zucchini-apple-kiwi-puree-with-mint


  1. Pear and blueberry puree


This 5 minute pear and blueberry baby puree is perfect for your 6 month old baby as it is filled with fiber, antioxidants and potassium.


Source: http://www.babyfoode.com/blog/5-minute-pear-blueberry-baby-puree


However, not all parents have the leisure to prepare homemade baby cereal. Therefore, we have a range of baby cereal brands that will be able to fill up your 6 months+ old babies’ tummies!



HAPPYBABY Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal (Multi-grain & Oatmeal)


Both containing iron and choline to help support your child’s brain development, as well as probiotics obtained bifidobacterium lactis. This product is great for your little ones that are starting solids. It holds about 13 servings per container with 60g of calories, 10g of total carbohydrate and 0mg of cholesterol!

All you need to do is pour a desired amount of cereal into bowl following by adding breast milk, formula or water according to preferences and stir it to a desired consistency. Do take note that heating up the cereal is optional. (WARNING: breast milk should not be microwaved as it can breakdown its composition)


HAPPYBABY Clearly Crafted Baby Cereal

(3 ingredients oatmeal & 4 ingredients oats and quinoa)


These baby cereals are made from organic whole grains. It’s ingredients include organic oats, Vitamin C, and iron that helps support brain development of your baby. A silky-smooth texture makes this a great first food for baby. It contains 50g of calories and 0mg of cholesterol.

This recipe is as similar as the instructions mentioned above. Just scoop, add, serve and feed! Easy as that! Note: Heating is optional as well.




(Organic Sprouted Brown Rice with banana and spinach & banana and pumpkin)


XONGDUR’s organic sprouted brown rice with banana and spinach; banana and pumpkin are are perfectfor your 6 months old baby.These Thailand originated baby cereals are made from whole grain, contains GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) and are free from any seasonings and preservatives. Mixed with organic banana and organic pumpkin or with spinach. A quick, baby meal by just adding milk or water.





Bellamy’s organic baby rice is a dry cereal of soft rice flakes that can be easily prepared with water or formula milk and mixed into a pleasantly smooth cereal. Made in Australia, this product is made out of 99% organic rice, organic vegetable oil, mineral iron, vitamin C, rosemary extract; ensuring your child gets the goodness from the pure natural ingredients.



BABY NATURA Organic Brown Rice Porridge

(*from top left: sweet potato; banana; carrot; pumpkin; original)


Baby Natura’s brown rice baby porridge is PBWF (plant-based-whole-food) which focuses on eating fruits and vegetables. It provides plenty of nutritions to your babies as it is made from 100% organic ingredients. Breast milk, vegetable soup, vegetables or fruits are highly recommended to be mixed with this baby porridge in order to provide versatility in your kids’ meals!



ONLY ORGANIC Banana Porridge


Only Organic Banana Porridge is a smooth, nourishing breakfast that is ideal for your 6 months old babies who are starting out solids. It’s made from organic oats and banana, with essential iron for healthy growth and development. This Belgium originated baby porridge is simple to make by just mixing it with water or with your usual baby formula. Then, it’s ready to serve!



EARTH’S BEST Organic Whole Grain Baby Cereal

(*from top left: Oatmeal Cereal; Banana Oatmeal Cereal; Multi-grain Cereal; Whole grain Rice Cereal; Apple Sweet Potato Mixed Grain Cereal)


Earth’s Best baby cereal comes with a plethora of flavours that will suit your babies’ taste buds. From the first spoonful on, you can be sure your baby’s rapidly growing little body is getting only organic nutrition. All made from organic whole grain, free from any genetically modified ingredients, no fat, no sodium as well as free from any artificial colouring or flavours. Cooking instructions are just the same as the previously mentioned instructions with the other baby cereal brands. Easy to prepare and you can feed it to your child any time.


All of these cereals are highly recommended by our store for your 6 months old babies; providing your child the ultimate goodness of organic ingredients. Despite being manufactured by different brands, all of these cereals are free from artificial flavouring and are beneficial for your children’s health. So which brand of baby cereal is your favourite?  





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