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HEINZ Baby Puree Pouch (120g)
Price RM9.90
Product SKU HBPP
Brand Heinz
Size (L x W x H) 6 cm x 6 cm x 14 cm
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All the goodness of puréed fruit in a convenient pouch.


PearBananaApple INGREDIENTS:

Pear Purée (55.5%), Banana Purée (24%), Apple Purée (20.2%), Vitamin C.


ApplePeachMango INGREDIENTS:

Apple Purée (71.9%), Peach Purée (15%), Mango Purée (13%), Vitamin C.


Vanilla Custard INGREDIENTS:

Water , Full Cream Milk (25%) , Sugar , Cornflour , Unsalted Butter , Cream , Natural Vanilla FlavourINGREDIENTS:


Banana Custard INGREDIENTS:

Full Cream Milk (57.4%), Water (24.5%), Sugar (6.3%), Banana (4.5%), Corn Starch (3.8%), Unsalted Butter (2.3%), Natural Flavours. Sweetened.


Semua kebaikan buah puri dalam kantung yang sesuai.

PearBananaApple BAHAN:
Pear Purée (55.5%), Purana Pisang (24%), Purée Apple (20.2%), Vitamin C.

BAHAN ApplePeachMango:
Apple Purée (71.9%), Peach Purée (15%), Mango Purée (13%), Vitamin C.

Ramuan Vanilla Custard:

Air, Susu Krim Penuh (25%), Gula, Tepung Jagung, Mentega Tidak Asal, Krim, Perisa Vanilla Semulajadi PENGAMBILAN:

BAHAN Pisang

Susu Krim Penuh (57.4%), Air (24.5%), Gula (6.3%), Pisang (4.5%), Kanji Jagung (3.8%), Mentega Tidak Sedap (2.3%), Perisa Asli. Manis.

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