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Discover some tasty and nutritious baby pasta right here at kait lifestyle store. Introducing MENNOSATO, HEALTH PARADISE, BELLAMY'S and ALB-GOLD's organic baby pasta that enables your kid to obtain the goodness of fresh and natural elements from the pasta. It will also leave your kids wanting for more cool 




Whenever you ask a kid:"Who is your hero?" Some may answer SUPER MAN or even SUPER WOMAN. But now, we have a brand new hero known as the SUPER FOOD, which is none other than the ultimate Moringa!! The Moringa plant is a really versatile plant; It is full of health benefits for our body and it can be used in cooking or baking as well. If you are interested in the latest superfood, click into this post to find out more cool




Too busy to enjoy a proper breakfast? sad No worries, because I will be suggesting some quick and easy breakfast ideas in this post that could be done within 5 minutes! Workaholics would deifnitely appreciate these recipes  ;-) After grasping the simple steps to create a fast breakfast, you won't have any excuses to skip the most important meal of the day anymore!




Calling out to all coconut flour lovers out there!!! This post is specially dedicated to all of you! Coconut flour is one of kait lifestyle store's best selling item, it gets sold out in just a blink of an eye (this is not an exaggeration). This product is suitable for those who are undergoing ketogenic diet or Atkins diet due to the low carbohydrate and high fiber content of the coconut flour. If you want to know more about coconut flour? Just move your finger on the mouse and click into this post wink



Tired of having to wake up early in the morning to whip up baby cereal for your little muchkin? (ps: Shout out to all the parents out there! You guys are the best!) By clicking into this blog article your problems will be solved in no time! Kait lifestyle store has all sorts of baby cereal brands which are as delicious as your homemade ones and I 100% guarantee that it will give your baby a happy tummy wink





This article is for all the keto dieters out there AS WELL AS for those who are taking their first step into the world of ketogenic diet! If you wish to find out more about ketogenic diet, this is the article for you ;-) 



Make way for more superfood! On a previous article, we have already been introduced to Moringa, which is one of the hottest superfood in 2018. Now, let's see more of its other buddies as well as the varieties of superfood products that we have in Kait lifestyle store. enlightened



Feeling down because you couldn't enjoy a cup of milk? :( No need to fear as Kait Lifestyle store has some lactose-free/ dairy-free/ non-dairy products that will suit your taste buds wink



"The clock strikes 12am, a faint rumbling sound could be heard...." Is it a monster? Is it an animal? Is it--*rumbles* oh, it's just your stomachcheeky This is a sign to feed that "monster" hiding in your belly. But don't feed yourselves sodium-infused and fattening snacks, instead, enjoy some healthy snacks to satusfy your midnight cravings cool



안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo= hello). Introducing the best selling korean kid snacks we have in stall for you. Full of fun flavours that will make your kids' taste buds dance! 가자!! (let's go!!)


I'm sure everyone has seen or at least heard about the iconic "salt bae meme". Imagine you reenacting the legendary salt-sprinkling move, but this time with EPSOM SALT. But before, you go ahead and start sprinkling epsom salt all over the place, there are some beenfits which you need to know about them first wink


"AH BOY!!!! TIME TO EAT RICE!!" "ugh.. OKAY MOTHER!!" ---  Is anyone tired of eaing white rice?? Well then, this post is specially for those who wish to eat healthy but could not get rid of rice from their daily diet enlightened


A great day always starts from a great diet! Start off your day with some muesli bars or overnight oats as light snacks to help boost that energy of yours heart


"Sugar, spice and everything nice!" Time to sweeten up your day with some natural sweeteners because nothing goes wrong with extra sugarwink

*well.. maybe sugar rush*


Delicious yet simple snacks to feed your child! wink Food that is easy to make and easy to eat right at your fingertips! (ps: Just look at Kait's bag, full with healthy organic snacks heart) *Kait= the founder's daughter*


We all assume that eating clean or eating healthy is torturing; having to give up on heavily seasoned meals, fried foods, fast foods *tears up a lil' bit* BUUUUUUT this post is going to let you guys know about the goodness of eating healthy together with some healthy seasonings. So dry up those tears because eating healthy ain't really that badcheeky




Learn how to bake a loaf of delicious organic bread with this simple homemade brioche recipe! Because everything tastes better when it is made from home heart


Taking care of a living, breathing child inside your tummy is just as hard as taking care of your own body, not to mention having a gazillion different cravings throughout the day!! *sweats*. Therefore, this post aims to introduce the best superfoods to be consumed during pregnancy to ensure a happy and healthy baby wink


Having trouble washing your baby with sensitive skin? Nappy rashes and cradle cap could be a pain to deal with. Therefore for those who have trouble in finding the suitable body wash or hair shampoos for the kids with sensitive skin, this post will act as a saviour as it will introduce you the best selling organic baby shampoos we have at our online store!


According to the founder of Ivenet, “Venet” (배냇) carries the meaning of a mother’s hearty love given to their children. Hence, this post is dedicated to all the parents out there who wish to provide their kids with nutritious food that contains just as much of love as they could give to their child heart



Kait lifestyle store wishes everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR !! (sorry, we know it has been loooong overdue) I am sure everyone was excited to leave 2018 behind and start anew. Hence, we will be a great company to anyone who wishes to eat healthy in the year 2019 as part of their new year’s resolution yesenlightened



Bet you didn’t know that ginger is actually a SUPERFOOD aaayyyyy cool A very very underrated superfood, unfortunately crying (But if you do, GOOD FOR YOU) Hence, I am going to talk about the benefits and what recipes that you can make using ginger powder