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Snacks for 1 year olds



Your baby has just turned 1 year old, it is now time to ditch the mushy food and slowly introduce him or her to solids WOOHOO *POPS FIRECRACKERS EVERYWHERE*


What better way to celebrate your child turning 1 than going on a family trip together!! But then you realised: “I have to prepare food for the baby!!!” Well, there’s no need to fear as kid snacks now do come with a convenient packaging. And Kait lifestyle store is just the right place to find convenient packaged snacks ;-)


So this post is dedicated to all the parents out there who are looking for the perfect (convenient!! travel-friendly) food for their 1 year old toddlers.



Comes with a single sachet and iTS just the right size to bring along to any of your trips; whether it is a one day trip or a 5 days 4 nights trip to Japan. There is no need for parents to bring a whole can of  baby food that’ll just be so inconvenient during the whole trip wink


*BABY NATURA: Organic Brown Rice Porridge - Banana, Quinoa and Oat (16g) Single Sachet

*BABY NATURA: Organic Brown Rice Porridge - Pumpkin and Morning Glory (16g) Single Sachet



Xongdur’s organic rice puff and organic sprouted rice also comes with a “travel size”. They come with a single sachet that allows parents to bring them anywhere, how convenient is that! Easy to make and easy to eat! Not only that, they also contain ingredients such as vegetables and fruits that could easily make it as a wholesome meal for your toddlers!


*XONGDUR Organic Rice Puffs- Purple Sweet Potato and Orange (Single Sachet) 7g HALAL

*XONGDUR Organic Rice Puffs- Purple Sweet Potato and Bluberry(Single Sachet) 7g HALAL

*XONGDUR Organic Brown Rice (Single Sachet) 7g HALAL:

  • Spinach and carrot
  • Spinach and pumpkin
  • Sweet corn and carrot



Apple monkey crackers are one of Kait lifestyle store’s best selling baby crackers! They also come in convenient packaging. It has small packets of baby crackers in it which allows your child to munch on it wherever whenever.


*APPLE MONKEY Organic Rice Cracker (comes with 6 tasty flavours)



For those who are finding something for their toddlers to teeth on, HAPPY BABY’S teething wafers might just be what you need. One packet of these contains smaller individual packets of each wafer; extremely lightweight, convenient for parents to carry around their bags. Their child could just munch on it at any time!


*HAPPY BABY: Teething Wafer- Blueberry/ Purple Carrot

*HAPPY BABY: Teething Wafer- Pea/ Spinach

*HAPPY BABY: Teething Wafer- Sweet Potato/ Banana


For parents who wish to prepare a more tummy-filling meal for their toddlers, pouch foods from: Bellamy’s, Happy Baby and Only Organic might be your go-to choice!


All you need to do is prepare hot water, pour the water into the mixture of pouch food and voila! A wholesome meal right before your eyes in just the span of 5 minutes! Pouch food contains ingredients such as fruits and vegetables which creates a wholesome food for your baby.


The consistency could also be altered depending on how the baby likes it; either in liquid form or in  puree form. So you do not need to worry about stoves or pots and pans in the hotel room. Just prepare a jug of hot water and you’re good to go



*BELLAMY'S ORGANIC: Mango Blueberry & Apple (120g)

*BELLAMY'S ORGANIC: Banana Pear & Mango (120g)

*BELLAMY'S ORGANIC: Peach & Apple (120g)



*HAPPYBABY: HB Stage 4 - Apple/Butternut Squash (120g)

*HAPPYBABY: HB Stage 4 - Banana/ Peach/ Coconut/ Prune (120g)

*HAPPYBABY: HB Stage 4 - Banana/ Peach/ Mango (120g)

*HAPPYBABY: HB Stage 4 - Green Bean/ Pea/ Pear (120g)

*HAPPYBABY: HB Stage 4 - Spinach/ Mango/ Pear (120g)

*HAPPYBABY: HB Stage 4 - Sweet Potato/ Apple/ Carrot (120g)



*ONLY ORGANIC coconut banana & acai smoothie (100gm)

*ONLY ORGANIC coconut strawberry & gojiberry smoothie

*ONLY ORGANIC Junior Mini Yogurt Rice cakes (bite sized snacks!!)

We have now reached the end of the post! Hope this has somehow helped you in settling your problems on how to prepare food for your little ones (at home and outside of home ;-))

To know more about other available foods in our store, just kindly visit our page and you’ll be good to go!! Click click: https://www.kaitlifestylestore.com/


See you in the next post!! blush