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Breakfast Ideas


As the saying goes:” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” A good hearty breakfast can boost our energy to survive the entire day! However, if you are tired of eating the same breakfast every single day, we have some products here at kait lifestyle store which could enhance your creativity in creating new and innovative breakfast ideas to start off a perfect day ;-)


  1. EARTH LIVING Organic Sprouted Corn Flakes


Nothing could go wrong with corn flakes! The superior breakfast of all time. Earth Living Organic Sprouted Corn Flakes comes with two flavours which are honey coated and original. It is made out of pure natural ingredients such as organic corn and raw honey that will freshen up your appetite. Sprouted corn flakes enables easier digestion and provides more nutrients to the body compared to normal corn flakes.  It can be served together with soy milk, oat milk, millet milk, rice milk, fruit, vegetable juice or any other ingredients deemed preferable.


  1. RADIANT Corn Flakes


There’s nothing better than corn flakes to start the day! This time is RADIANT’s corn flakes. It comes with three different variants which are spelt flakes and the original organic corn flakes. For chocolate lovers, get your day ready with choco shells (It looks like Koko Krunch but it ain’t Koko Krunch okay). It offers you a good source of fibre, and low fat way to revitalize and energize you on a hectic day. Eat it like a snack chip or sprinkle to salad, yogurt, smoothie for a crunchy feel. *Bonus: you can also use it in baking!*


  1. RADIANT Breakfast Oats


RADIANT’S Breakfast Oats provides you a variety of tastes which are “hearty breakfast”, “nutty breakfast”, “berries breakfast” and “fruity breakfast”. They all contain oats, sunflower kernels; while some have cranberries, raisins, an assortment of nuts, flax seeds etc. These breakfast oats are high in fibre, complex carbohydrates, vitamins which are essential for a physically fit body.


  1. HEALTH PARADISE Organic Muesli


What is a muesli? According to the Internet, muesli is a breakfast dish based on raw rolled oats and other ingredients like grains, fresh or dried fruits, seeds and nuts, that may be mixed with soy milk, cow's milk, almond milk, vegetable juice, fruits or yoghurt. It could be consumed either hot or cold. At kait lifestyle store, we have a variety of muesli flavours such as cranberry, fig, blueberry and mixed fruits. Health paradise’s muesli is fee from sugar and salt which makes it a healthier choice instead of the usual granola which has a little bit of sugar in it.


Here is one of the recipes that I’ve found and decided to share it here. If you guys are still interested in more possible muesli recipes to try at home, just click on the link provided for more ideas!


Muesli Bowl with Blueberries and Raspberries


A quick and easy recipe for lazy breakfast goers with just 10 minutes of mixing the muesli with any desired nuts, grains, fruits, soy milk, cow’s milk etcetera.


Source: https://happykitchen.rocks/muesli-recipe-healthy-delicious-breakfast-idea/


  1. Beverages      


If you are up for a change of beverage in the morning instead of good ol’ warm water, you could whip up some healthy powdered drinks that we have in stall for you here at kait lifestyle store.


For those who love to drink milk in the morning, but are lactose intolerant, I highly recommend you EARTH LIVING’S powdered milk series which are:

  • Organic Red Date Soy Milk Powder

  • Organic Barley Sprout Matcha Soy Milk

  • Organic Black Soy Milk Powder

  • Organic Millet Milk Powder

  • Organic Quantum 28 (beverage empowered with 28 types health contributing grains, seeds and herbs, packed with all important nutrients)


As well as COUNTRY FARM’S Organic Yellow Soy Milk Powder, to start off your wonderful day!


Aside from this, we still have some other beverage choices here in our store, so if you think soy milk is not your thing, you could log on to our webstore https://www.kaitlifestylestore.com/ to find out more about the other types of beverages that you favour more!


Hope all of you readers have somehow gained some inspirations or ideas in creating a new breakfast menu with our store’s products. Your day will never be dull again with the help of a good and hearty breakfast! Enjoyyyyy and see ya’ next time ;)




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