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Craft Activities To Do For Children On Days Off

We live in a time where parents can depend on media technology to make the kids engaged in things like watching tv, mobiles and laptops, but these activities are not helpful for the kids as they can just watch it and not experience it by themselves. Therefore, let’s plan to do some craft activities with your children on days off.

It's always better to teach your kids about traditional games as they are engaging but don’t cause any health problems and it also teaches kids more about parents' childhood which makes child-parent connection strong & improves relationships.

LEGO simply means bricks which are made up of colorful plastic building blocks that can be joined or combined together easily to make a tower, house, building, cars, character, etc. This is the most fun activity which kids love. Give the kids Lego blocks and let them build a city from scratch, though it’s a fun activity it also helps kids develop critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Parents can help the kids on missions to build a city with its roads and important buildings.

There’s something both therapeutic and educational about moulding fresh play dough into shapes, especially for little ones. Moreover, homemade playdough also can help the young muscles to develop strength, control and fine motor skills whilst playing around with this squidgy craft number.

What kid doesn’t love stickers and a good sticker book? DIY stickers is one of our favourite crafts for kids, as your little ones can create their own personalised stickers and allow their imagination to run riot. It also helps to develop their creativity and improve their patience level.

Children love getting creative with beads and feathers. And these DIY dreamcatchers could also help relieve any anxiety they hold over having bad dreams or nightmares too. Help them construct their own with some paper plates, string and a little imagination.

Therefore, spending your time with children to do some craft activities on days off  can improve your little one's creativity, muscles, and patience. Meanwhile, these activities also can improve parent-child relationships.


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