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Exciting Activities to Do at Home on Weekends


Don't have a way to keep your kids busy on the weekends, but are worried about going out during the pandemic? No worries, there are lots of fun activities to do at home! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend time with your kids this weekend! The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences and becoming a loving family.

Let's do something and spend quality time at home with your family!


Interactive Movie Night 

Watch a movie together as a family. You can pick 10 Disney movies, then prepare some baby snacks to make it a real family movie night! In addition, you can watch documentaries on the environment which are appropriate for your child's age, discuss with your child and stimulate their interest in documentaries so that your child can learn valuable lessons as well.

Freeze Dance Game  

In this game, encourage your child to move as hard as possible when the dance music is playing. When the music stops at a random point, each player must immediately "freeze" somewhere and hold their position. This is a great game to play on weekends, at parties, on rainy days, or when your kids have some extra energy and need to move around. This game is good for both their bodies and listening skills! 

Cook and Eat 

   Families eat together and stay together. Therefore, make it a point to have a ‘Family Meal Time’, where you can prepare the food with your little one and it’s fun! For example, bake muffins together, make pizzas, prepare simple desserts, and more! This is a great lesson in teamwork and you can also encourage your child to explore her own dish!

Home treasure hunt time

Try a classic treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. That's fun and gets your kids moving! Draw a map of your home and hide small things around it, like toys or snacks. Map out every hidden treasure. Explain the map to your child and provide support for their hunt in case they need it. This self-directed activity enables the child to complete tasks independently (or in collaboration with others). At the same time, the child learns about sequencing, which is the importance of following steps in order.


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