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Healthy baby snacks that are great on the go

There's no need to sacrifice nutrition while you're away from home. These healthy snack options will keep babies and toddlers growing strong. Once your baby starts eating solid foods around 4 to 6 months, having snacks on hand is an important survival hack for busy parents. Not only can it help pacify your hangry little one when you are on the go, healthy snacking is also a key part of your child's growth.

Nutrients like protein, fiber, and healthy fats all work together to give your child the energy he or she needs. Fortunately, feeding your baby or toddler healthy snacks on the go is easy and affordable. Here are a few of our top picks.


  • Apple and Pears

Remove the peel, then steam or roast these fruits to help your baby meet his daily fiber requirement. Toddlers can typically handle slices or even whole fruit.


  • Food Pouch

Go for an easy-squeeze pouch that combines the benefits of healthy fats from avocado, potassium from bananas, and fiber from apples.



  • Hummus

While toddlers can pair hummus with whole-grain pretzels or thinly sliced veggies, babies could try the fiber-rich snack with steamed carrots.


  • Full-Fat Plain Yogurt

Packed with healthy carbs, calcium, protein, and healthy fats, yogurt can help a baby's body absorb crucial vitamins and nutrients that are key in building their central nervous systems.


  • Whole-Grain Graham Crackers

Ideal for the nut or dairy-free kids, graham crackers are a crowd-pleasing alternative to more sugary cookies.


  • Hard-Boiled Eggs

Suitable for a trip to the park or somewhere outdoors, these snacks deliver some serious protein.


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