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Healthy Food for Toddlers

When you are at a loss for which healthy foods to feed your toddler, here are the healthy foods for toddlers that are a great place to start. You will find healthy food for kids including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, dairy, meat, and more. 

This toddler food includes fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, healthy dairy, lean protein, and more to ensure that you have easy ideas to feed your toddler well. These are whole foods that are easy to self-feed because we know that toddlers love their independence! And these foods for toddlers have a range of nutrients that our kids need to grow up strong and healthy.

How To Choose Healthy Food For Kids?

It’s so much fun to start solids with babies because they are eager to eat most things (and because they haven’t yet learned how to talk!). 

TIP: Try not to serve the same 3 foods every day, but try to rotate favorite foods in and out, exposing the kids to the healthy foods for toddlers you want them to eat.

Best Food For 1-Year-Old

Remember when you fed your baby something and they spit it out? It wasn’t the end of the world! We simply cleaned it up and tried again another time which can be a great tactic to use with toddler foods. 
Remember: Just because one-year-old (or two or three years old) didn’t want or like something today doesn’t mean that they won’t ever eat it!

TIP: Remember that it will be easier for your child to try a food if he/she sees it often, so consider routine as a helpful tool when feeding your kids.



Below are some healthy kids' food examples as inspiration for when you go to the grocery store or plan your family’s meals. 

1. Baby Puffs
These are a staple of many baby and toddler diets. Use them as a way to introduce a new texture and flavors.


2. Carrots
Steamed, roasted, or sauteed. Or try them in pancakes or healthy carrot cookies.


3. Baby Rice Crackers
Try with a little smashed avocado or a thin smear of nut butter.


4. Rolled Oats
In oatmeal, overnight oats, granola bars, muffins, and more.


5. Couscous
Served like pasta with pesto or marinara, or as a whole grain side with butter or a little olive oil.


6. Prunes
Chopped or softened in oatmeal, or blended into a smoothie.


7. Chickpeas
Soft-roasted or served with a little salt. Or in Hummus, Tacos, or with pasta and marinara sauce.

Hope these examples of safe and simple foods for toddlers come in handy when you run out of ideas for what to serve your toddler or to help you remember which foods you haven’t served in a while.

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