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Healthy Seasoning



Eating healthy is definitely not easy because you are bound to make some sacrifices *dramatically clutches heart*. As someone who had once attempted to go on a healthy diet, I feel the pain; avoiding food with high levels of seasoning just somehow takes away that dynamic flavour in food crying


HOWEVER, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! At Kait lifestyle store, we have some supplies of healthy seasonings that could spice up your food just like how the normal spices do (but MUCH MORE nutritiousenlightened)




EARTH LIVING Mushroom Seasoning Powder (230g)

Earth Organic Mushroom Seasoning Powder is extracted from fresh mushrooms, seaweed, vegetable, etc. Packed with richness of earth organic seasoning powder; free from any artificial flavours and preservatives. Great substitute for MSG! This seasoning is usually added during cooking, it enhances the flavour of your dish such as soup, porridge, sauces and etc.


LOHAS Matsutake Seasoning (200G)

Made from matsutake, mushroom, vegetable, kelp and seaweed. “A little goes a long way”, only a little amount of this seasoning will enhance the taste but not to the extent that it overpowers the natural taste of the dish. Great alternative for MSG!!


HEALTH PARADISE Kombu-Shitake Dashi Seasoning (100gm)

Organic seasoning made from kombu seaweed and shitake mushrooms. Free from MSG and any other artificial flavourings. It can added into marinade, soup or stew during cooking for that extra punch of flavour


HEALTH PARADISE Organic Chilli Seasoning Sprinkling Furikake (80gm)

Sprinkle this ready-to-use table condiment made only with plant-based ingredients on top of a bowl of warm cooked rice, noodles, vegetables etc to spice things up a notch!


HEALTH PARADISE Organic Seaweed Seasoning Sprinkling Furikake (80gm)

Just sprinkle this on top of any dishes that you like to add that extra flavour!


For kids, it’s never too early to start off with healthy eating too ;-)


IVENET Bebe Soy Sauce (comes with 2 options:)

*from the left: For Mixed // For Soup

This mild soy sauce is suitable for children from ages of 10 months onwards. It is made out of 100% Korean wheat and beans. Low in sodium; high in vegetables and fruit extract. It can be added into the baby’s soup or porridge for an enhancement in flavour!


I hope this post has somehow changed your view towards healthy eating. It is not about eating less and starving yourself, but eating in an appropriate amount.


Healthy seasonings could just make your meals as delicious as always ;-) *with a more natural taste to it*


Au revoir~ angel