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Healthy Snacks



There are times when our mouths are just itching to bite on something. We would craving for some snacks in the middle of the night (guilty pleasures tsktsk). However, snacks aren’t really all that healthy :( But it’s okay! Kait lifestyle store is here to save the day by providing you a variety of finger-licking good HEALTHY SNACKS!


To start off, I would like to first introduce this #1 snack brand which is loved by all of our customers (even the colleagues here as well teehee)



Our HOFU products are made out of 100% natural ingredients, with no preservatives and no MSG. From crispy fish skin to deep fried shiitake mushroom chips, these delicious salted-egg flavoured chips will make you want for more.


HOFU fish skin salted egg

HOFU potato chips salted egg

HOFU french fries

HOFU shiitake mushroom chips



    Earth living also provides a variety of snacks that will satisfy your late night cravings. When you feel like watching a movie, just grab one of our popcorn and enjoy. It comes with different flavours such as:

  • Honey Butter
  • Yummy Seaweed
  • Exotic Tom Yam

  • Sweet Caramel


All made from pure natural ingredients, non-GMO and is free from any artificial flavourings and preservatives. Not to mention, it is also certified halal!



If popcorn is not your cup of tea, you might enjoy some organic tortilla chips. It consist of natural ingredients (non-GMO). The different types of flavours are original flavoured, cheese, cajun cheese and tomato.




But if you’re up for something sweet, we have some candies and jellies for you guys as well! EARTH LIVING’s assorted honey candies are made out of pure 100% freshly harvested honey. The fresh honey taste will definitely tingle your taste buds and help enlighten up your mood.


  • Honey lollipops
  • Coca-cola honey jelly gummy & mini bear bear honey jelly gummy
  • Honey candy: Citrus honey slice; lavender honey ball


I hope out of all these products, there must be some that has caught your eye ;-) So just enjoy your healthy snacks without feeling any ounce of guilt hehe. Till next time!