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How to Entertain the Kids When You Work at Home?

Feel challenging when you are working from home and your kids are there too at the same time?

Ideally, you have regular childcare in place. But even when you do, there may be some days when your plans fall through. For those times when you need quick and easy entertainment options, here are a few ways to keep your kids occupied so you can get your work done.


Schedule Playtime

Have a designated time slot set aside for when you’re most productive, and use this for the kids’ playtime. Set aside a few toys that your kids can play with only during this time. Or, arrange a playdate “swap,” where you and other working parents trade off who is watching the kids at their place and who is working (alone!) at their house.


Designate Some Space

It’s important that both you and your children feel like you have a space of your own to be creative and work. If you have a playroom or designated play area, then let your kids use that space while you work. Make sure you create a home office for yourself that allows you to work and focus comfortably. This separation of space also makes it easier to “draw the line” between work and home while setting and maintaining boundaries.


Plan for Interruptions

Like it or not, working from home with kids means you will be interrupted. While you need to set boundaries, babies and toddlers may not always understand that you’re on a call and can’t deal with them right that second. Take the interruptions in stride and understand it’s part of the gig. You could probably use a break anyway, so why not embrace it and join your little one for a 10-minute dance party?


Embrace Screen Time

As much as you might limit screen time, consider throwing screen time limits out the window right now. Sometimes there’s nothing like a movie marathon to keep the kids occupied and give you some quiet time to work in an uninterrupted sprint. There are plenty of educational movies options for kids to binge on.


Take Advantage of Sleep

While you might want to do nothing when your kids are asleep (or even sleep yourself), consider using nap time, bedtime, or even a few hours in the morning to work. It may not be your first choice (or second, or third), but working when your kids are asleep can almost guarantee you a solid block of time when you can work in peace and quiet.


A common misconception about working at home is that you’re on your own. But nothing could be further from the truth. We’re in this together, and by helping each other out, we will make it through this!