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How to help your kids maintain their friendships during this pandemic?

Friendships are vital for your kids' happiness and health! However, the pandemic has affected our children in many ways. As all schools and childcare facilities have been restricted from opening during this period, our kids are unable to make new friends, meet other kids and maintain their friendships. 

As parents, we want our kids to be happy and we know that childhood should be shared with friends. Social activities are definitely important for kids in their growing up life. So how can we help our children socialize with friends during this time? There are many ways we can help them to cope with the changes and challenges that the pandemic has brought to our lives. 



Virtual Game Date

While meeting up during this pandemic can be tricky, there's always the option of having your kids say hello to other kids via chat platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Facetime. Get some paper and crayons and let your kids and their friends color together! Help your kids move the camera so they can show off their toys or even play hide-and-seek. It's also important to remember that limiting screen time for your kids is crucial.

Video Event Date

For some kids, more organized activities make video chatting more comfortable and enjoyable. Activities like crafting or cooking are also great for video chat platforms. This usually requires parental cooperation, assistance and some preparation. First, parents need to decide on an activity and prepare instructions and supplies for your kids. Moreover, parents can also have activities with your little one and enhance the parent-child relationship!

Live Gaming

While video games sometimes have a bad reputation, they're a great way for kids to socialize. Many of the games allow for live play, where your kids can use audio to connect while playing with their friends. Of course, parents must make sure your kids only connect with friends, not strangers. Besides, make sure the content of video games is appropriate for children. The right games will help your kids make friends!

Live Movie Streaming

Many video platforms, including Netflix, allow you to stream videos with others online, and chat in real time about what you're watching. Choose an age-appropriate movie or TV show, prepare healthy snacks for your kids, and invite your kids to watch movies with their friends! 


Social interaction can help you to strengthen your child's immune system, increase their motivation and reduce their stress. We should do everything we can to promote children's continuing social connections.

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