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  • Suitable for 6 months+
  • Trans Fatt Free
  • Melt Away
  • Baby rice crispy ball baked with sticky rice, no fried
  • Ripen sticky rice dough for 10days and baked
  • Trans fat free Finger food baby rice crispy ball, not fried
  • Mild and tasty!
  • For Baby 7 months+
  • Melting in your mouth
  • containing more than 65% of soft process cheese
  • Keeping the taste and nutritional value of natural cheese
  • Easy to eat soft cheese in one bite
  • It’s made like natural cheese as it is by freeze drying method
  • Rich mineral and vitamin!
  • The cheese containing plenty of good protein!
  • Suitable for 7 months +
  • No gluten
  • No salt
  • No gluten
  • No flavoring agent, freeze drying yogurt
  • Keeping its good taste and nutritional value due to mild taste for baby, soft texture and freeze drying!
  • Made in the shape for babies to hold easily, it helps develop fine motor skills.
  • Suitable for 9 months+
  • Inner Individual Packaging
  • FInger stick type
  • Made from Brown Rice in Korea
  • No preservative & non-fried
  • Easy to hold
  • Made from Brown Rice in Korea


  • Suitable for 6 months+
  • Product of Korea
  • Suitable for 12 months
  • Korean mineral sea seed laver
  • Seaweed laver exclusively for young kids selected in an area with clean air and water
  • Adapting to the tastes of baby. Lowering sodium content, it suits for baby’s taste.
  • Product of Korea


  • No flavour enancer and artificial additives
  • No artificial preservative , salt, combined congener
  • Made from 100% Korean germinated sesame seed
  • Selected premium sesame & roasted in low temperature


  • Seasoned nutrition in balance with natural ingredients.
  • Nutritious and tasty meal for picky kids.
  • No perservative used
  • Individual packing for easy storage and use.
  • Suitable for 7 months
  • Made from Organic polished rice (Korea) 100%
  • 100% Gluten Free Ingredients
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Preservative & Non Fried
  • Easy to hold

-Yummy Wafers made of high-quality Korean ingredients.
-Rich chocolate flavors are children's all time favourite.
-HACCP certified.
-Individual packing which suitable for outing, recess. Tasty snacks for sharing!

  • No artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives
  • Contains 3mg Zinc which is essential for the growth of development
  • -Good flavor for children.
    -Unique colour and shapes of cookies stimulate children' curiosity.
    -Calcium added
    -Suitable snack for outing, reccess and after school
  • No added synthetic fragrances
  • No added sugar
  • No added flavorings
  • HACCP Certified
  • Suitable for babies 9m+
  • Protein Nutrition Snacks
  • Perfect for children's taste!
  • Unsalted healthy cheese

Expiry: 3.5.2020

  • No added artificial additive! (Caramel Color, Flavoring agents, emulsifying agent etc.)
  • Non Fried, healthy baby food
  • Easy to carry, perfect for travel, with ziplock bag.
  • Hygienic Certification by KFDA
  • 100% Korean Seaweed
  • Small size, Zipper pouch packaging
  • Non-fried
  • Healthy baby food