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Ivenet Series


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IVENET is a Korean baby food brand which was launched back in the year 2012; and their main purpose is to promote the ultimate “pureness of baby food”. It was launched on the basis of having the heart of a mother to provide the MOST nutritious foods for their offspring.


IVENET comes with a series of kids’ food ranging from seasoning and snacks to full meals that’ll leave your little one’s stomach feeling satiated.


Therefore, without further ado, let me introduce to you some of the products of Ivenet that we have here at Kait lifestyle store.



IVENET Bebe Cookie Ball (20g)

IVENET Bebe Cookie Ball (20g)

Crispy rice balls that comes in 3 flavours: plain, black rice & sweet pumpkin. Baked with sticky rice and melts easily into your child’s mouth which allows easy consumption. Your kids could easily enjoy this anytime and anywhere.


IVENET Bebe Finger Rice Snack With Lentil (30g)

IVENET Bebe Finger Rice Snack With Lentil (30g)

Nutritious snack that melts easily in your child’s mouth due to its soft texture. It also comes with two flavours which are red and orange. Parents can feed this to their baby as afternoon snacks for a quick munch.


IVENET Bebe Lactobacillus Salt (130g)

IVENET Bebe Lactobacillus Salt (130g)

First ever soft salt for building baby’s taste and eating habits. Enriched kimchi probiotics based on pure Australian lake salt. It also has vegetable seaweed calcium which aids in the formation of the baby’s frame and intestine. Can be used congee or soup to enhance the dishes’ flavours.

IVENET Bebe Seaweed Laver (4gx4)

IVENET Bebe Seaweed Laver (4gx4)

Korean mineral seaweed laver used exclusively for young kids selected in an area with clean air and water. It contains seaweed calcium, DHA which helps develop the bones and brain of a child. It can be consumed as a light snack or even be sprinkled on top of white rice as garnish (edible garnish).

IVENET Bebe Sesame Oil (75 ml)

IVENET Bebe Sesame Oil (75 ml)

Made from 100% premium Korean germinated sesame seeds which are roasted in low temperature which gives you the ultimate taste of freshness. It is used to enhance the flavours of your baby’s favourite dishes such as porridge.

I have also listed down some other  IVENET products that you parents might be interested in:

IVENET Bebe Finger Cheese (7 months+)

IVENET Bebe Finger Yogurt (7 Months+)

IVENET Bebe Fingerball (15g X 4 packs)

IVENET Bebe Grain Friend (40g)

IVENET Bebe New Rice Weaning Food: (Abalone, Green Laver) / (Chicken Breast, Rice Crust)  (Chicken Breast, Tofu) / (Sweet Potato Apple) 110g

IVENET Bebe Recipe (20g)

IVENET Bebe Recipe Chicken Breast, Mushroom (30g)

IVENET Bebe Secret of Making Broth (Chicken) (16g)

IVENET Bebe Soy Sauce (190ml)

IVENET Bebe Stick Rice Snack (30g)

IVENET Jam: (Tomato Carrot) / (Fig) / (Strawberry) (130g)

IVENET Kids Probiotics Chewable (1.2g x 60 Chewable Tablets)

IVENET Kids Vitamin Jelly (2.5g x40 Chewable Tablets)

IVENET Lovely Apple (Dried Apple) Fruit Chips (15g)

IVENET Lovely Strawberry (Dried Strawberry) Fruit Chips (12g)

IVENET Roasted Sweet Pumpkin (90g)


So if you think your kids will ENJOY a new twist of organic flavours from Korea, then IVENET could just suit your little one's taste palate. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have gained some useful information on some of the IVENET products. And Kait lifestyle store will continue to guide you in providing good and nutritious food for your precious children! cool If you are still unsure about the details of these products, kindly click to this website for more https://www.kaitlifestylestore.com/. 


See you in the next post wink