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Job Tears

credits to: https://www.triedandsupplied.com/saucydressings/all-about-jobs-tears-what-they-are-how-to-cook-with-them-and-the-benefits-for-celiacs/


Job’s Tears is one of the most nutritious food in Asia. The seeds of Job's tears are tear-shaped (which is why job’s tears got its name i guess hehe) and it comes in several colors such as brown, yellow, white, and purple. The root and seed of the plant are sometimes used as a medicine while the seeds are sometimes used as jewellery.

So how exactly is job’s tears healthy for our body?



1. Reduces Cholesterol

Studies have shown that diabetic mices who were fed with job’s tears’ seeds showed a significant lower levels of cholesterol compared to those in the control group (those who were fed with seeds of job’s tears). It is also stated that job’s tears reduces the “bad cholesterol” which is also known as LDL.


2. Helps with Allergies

It is one of the traditional methods to treat allergies such as contact dermatitis. By using the extract from the job’s tears plant, it suppresses the symptoms of the allergies as well as boost one’s immune systems.


3. Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Past research has shown that extracts of Job’s Tears considerably inhibited fatty acid synthase activity within the liver. Human cancer cells consist of higher levels of fatty-acid synthase, an element associated with intense tumor cell growth. Hence, job’s tears could be used as a cancer prevention intervention.  


4. Improves our Gastrointestinal System

A study discovered that job’s tears decreased stomach ulcers and also inhibited gastric cancer cells in vitro in mice. However, more study is needed to be conducted on humans.


enlightenedHOWEVER, most of these studies are conducted on mice, and less studies were conducted on humans; hence the side effects are mostly unknown. Therefore, job’s tears should be consumed with caution.


enlightenedCAUTION TO ALL THE PREGNANT LADIES OUT THERE! Do not use Job's Tears if you are pregnant, and check with your doctor before using extracts from the plant for any health condition as a study has shown that mice who were fed with job’s tears extract experienced abortion and damages to its embryo quite often.


Now that we’ve done introducing what job’s tears is, it’s recipe time!!

Recipe credist to: https://www.cookinglight.com/recipes/jobs-tears-salad-bacon-dressing


You can even put it in your drinks as well! How refreshing!! yes


Recipe credits to: https://en.christinesrecipes.com/2018/07/lemon-jobs-tears-tea.html


Doesn’t this recipe reminds you of home? heartEspecially mum’s home cooked food crying


Recipe credits to: https://souperdiaries.com/winter-melon-with-barley-soup/


Here are some job’s tears products which you can use It in your daily cooking or normal drinking!

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Hope you have gotten some ideas on how to cook with job’s tears, do tell us your favourite job’s tears dish! wink

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