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Korean Kid Snacks




The Korean wave has been gradually spreading all over the globe for the past few years. From K-pop to K-beauty, you name it! Aside from that, people have also slowly accepted Korean food into their daily lives such as the iconic  tteokbokki (spicy rice cake dish). Nobody could ever resist the tastiness of these unique Korean dishes, even KIDS!enlightened


Therefore, the topic for today’s article will be to introduce some of Kait Lifestyle store’s best selling Korean snacks especially for your kids!  



Freeze-Drying Fruit Chips (7 months+)

  • Made from pure banana, strawberry and apple. Don’t worry about it being a fried snack as it is freeze dried. *gluten-free*


Organic Fruit Stick Snack (8months+)

  • Comes in five flavours such as apple, banana, blueberry, mango and strawberry. Made from 100% natural ingredients. Aids in development of growing teeth of children.


Organic Vegetable Stick Snack (6 months+)

  • Flavours: broccoli, brown rice, green yellow vegetables, purple sweet potato and spinach. A good way to slowly introduce vegetables into your kids’ diet. Free from any preservatives.

Freeze-Drying Yogurt And Fruit (12 months+)

  • This soft yoghurt snack will melt in your kids’ mouth with ease, and the fruit fragrance will slowly spread in their mouths. Flavours consist of apple, banana, blueberry, mango, plain and strawberry. Free from any colour additives and preservatives.


Yogurt Fruit Ring Snack (12 months+)

  • This sweet and sour snack contains just the right amount of nutrients for your kids. Free from any salt and sugar.



IVENET Bebe Seaweed Laver

  • Seaweed laver exclusively for young kids selected in an area with clean air and water. Adapting to the tastes of baby. Accommodating your kids’ taste buds with low sodium content. Suitable for kids 12 months and above.

IVENET Bebe Finger Yogurt (7 Months+)

  • Flavours: plain, strawberry, blueberry, banana and mango. Made in the shape for babies to hold easily, it helps develop fine motor skills. Both tasty and nutritious for your child.

IVENET Bebe Grain Friend

  • Flavours: blueberry, cheese, strawberry, sweet potato. Made from organic Korean brown rice. Kids will be able to hold the snack easily due to its finger stick shape. Free from any preservatives. *non-fried*

IVENET Bebe Finger Rice Snack With Lentil

  • A soft-textured rice snack made with organic brown rice, fruits, vegetable, seafood in the base of Lentil bean (green lentils/yellow lentils/red lentils) that will just melt in your kids’ mouth.


IVENET Bebe Finger Cheese

  • Flavours: plain, blueberry. If you wish to introduce cheese into your child’s diet, this snack would be the best option or you. This finger cheese ball is made out of 65% soft process cheese which contains high calcium and phosphorus. Melt-in your mouth goodness!



*From the left:

  • Organic Patissier- Berry Trio
  • Organic Patissier- Strawberry Yogurt
  • I Love Organic Rice Snack
  • Wheat Patissier- Real Cheese
  • Brown Rice Patissier- Real Cheese
  • All of the above snacks are made from pure ingredients, contains zero to no artificial flavoring or colouring. Simple yet healthy snack that will instantly melt in your child’s mouth.


These products are just some of the hottest-selling items at our store, to know more about the other Korean snacks, just go to our store’s website https://www.kaitlifestylestore.com/ to choose the best snack for your kids! cheeky