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Has anyone ever heard of Moringa? It is this year’s most desired superfood! But what is so special about Moringa to be given this title? Hence, here are some facts about Moringa to enlighten y’all about this superfood.


Moringa oleifera Lam (Moringaceae) is a highly valued plant, distributed in many countries of the tropics and subtropics. It has an impressive range of medicinal uses with high nutritional value.


Many parts of moringa are edible,with regional uses varying widely:

  • Immature seed pods (also known as "drumsticks")

  • Leaves

  • Flowers

  • Mature seeds

  • Oil pressed from seeds

  • Roots

It is said to be rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. Here are some of the benefits of Moringa:

1. Moringa Oleifera has High Nutritional Values

          Moringa is full of disease-preventing nutrients such as:

  • Vitamin A: Acts as a shield against eye disease, skin disease, heart ailments, diarrhea, and many other diseases.

  • Vitamin C: fighting a host of illnesses including colds and flu.

  • Calcium: builds strong bones and teeth, and helps prevent osteoporosis.

  • Potassium: essential for the functioning of the brain and nerves.

  • Proteins: the basic building blocks of all our body cells.

However, do keep in mind that more doesn’t necessarily mean good. Over consumption of Moringa in one’s diet might reduce the absorption of protein and minerals in one’s body.


2. Moringa Reduces Cholesterol

One of the culprits for heart diseases involves having high cholesterol. It has been found that Moringa leaves extract has cholesterol reducing abilities which might result in lower risk of heart diseases.


3. Moringa is rich in antioxidants

Moringa oleifera is rich in various antioxidants, including quercetin (lowers the blood pressure) and chlorogenic acid (helps to moderate the blood sugar level after meals). It also increase blood antioxidant levels.


Different parts of the Moringa plant provides different medical uses:

  • Root: Has Anti-inflammatory functions; Lowers kidney or back pain and constipation

  • Leaves: Usually applied to temples for headaches; Has the ability to relieve sore throat, flu or fever; Leaf extracts are used to control blood sugar level

  • Flower: High medicinal value; Lowers cholesterol level

Nutrition facts of Moringa:

One cup of fresh, chopped leaves (21 grams) contains:

  • Protein: 2 grams

  • Vitamin B6: 19% of the RDA

  • Vitamin C: 12% of the RDA

  • Iron: 11% of the RDA

  • Riboflavin (B2): 11% of the RDA

  • Vitamin A (from beta-carotene): 9% of the RDA

  • Magnesium: 8% of the RDA

Made from the naturally dried leaf of the Moringa Tree, moringa powder is one of the most nutrient-dense raw whole foods on the planet.


For all the ladies and gentlemen out there who are facing troubled skin, Moringa also provides beauty benefits! Moringa powder is high in Vitamin A which is responsible for healthy, radiant skin. Meanwhile, it also has Vitamin E which reduces the signs of aging respectively.


Now that we’re done with the health and beauty talk, let’s get started on how we can prepare dishes using Moringa powder!


Moringa can be prepared and consumed in many ways:

  1. The fruits or seed pods of the Moringa plant (also known as drumsticks), are a culinary vegetable commonly used in soups and curries.

  2. Moringa is sometimes extracted into oil and is used in normal cooking. It provides dishes with a wonderful tasty nutty flavour. Unlike other cooking oil, it is also more stable whereby it does not loses it antioxidant properties easily despite being stored on the shelf for too long (but do keep in mind about the expiry date!).

  3. The most common one would be Moringa powder. It can be put into smoothies for extra healthiness and extra flavour. It can be also use in baking. It is extremely versatile, so you can put into any cooking dish you desire.

Some fun and easy recipes using Moringa powder from other bloggers:


  1. Green Smoothie Bowl with Moringa

Source: http://www.rednailsgreenveggies.com/green-smoothie-bowl-with-moringa/


  1. Banana Moringa Bread

    Source: https://blog.kulikulifoods.com/2016/02/09/5-delicious-moringa-recipes/


At kait lifestyle store, we have our own supply of Moringa based products which can be seen below. And one of the most superior brand to launch one of their Moringa based products would be BALUNG.



Start your every day “teadox” (tea detox) with Balung Herbal Teas! Balung products are planted from volcanic soil, organic, pure & natural. To ensure high quality and maintain standards, all our teas are planted, processed and packed in their facilities. Balung’s special teas offer a number of traditional health remedies and a refreshing unique alternative to your normal cup of tea.


Balung Organic Moringa Leaf Tea

  • Rich in Vitamin A & C, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Protein, Iron & 8 essential amino acids.

  • Supports brain health and cognitive function

  • Improves bone health

  • Increase breast milk supply

Balung Organic Moringa Leaf Tea has 7 times the Vitamin C of orange, 4 times the calcium of milk, 4 times the Vitamin A of carrots, 3 times the potassium of bananas and 2 times the protein of milk *WOW* cool


So after going through all the facts and benefits of Moringa, now we know why it deserves to be called “Super food of 2018”. But if you are still hesitating on which Moringa products to grab, come take a look at the range of products that our store has in stall for you!

    1. Balung 100% Organic Moringa Leaf Tea

     2. Moringa Leaves Powder

*starting from the left: LOHAS Organic Moringa Tender Leaf Powder; HEALTH PARADISE Organic Moringa Leaf Powder; LOHAS Organic Moringa Leaves Powder*

As mentioned in this article, Moringa powder could be consumed and prepared in many methods such as in baking, normal cooking or even mixing it into your smoothies.


    3. EARTH LIVING Molasses Concoction Moringa Honey Goji berry


  • 30 antioxidants that slows down aging

  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Improves mental alertness and sleep

  • Boosts up our energy and balance our hormones

The main ingredients for this product is organic molasses sugar, moringa seed, organic goji berry and organic pure raw french flower honey. In order to enjoy this delicious honey, all you need to do is just put 1 cube of the honey in 300-350ml of hot water, stir it well and tadaa! It’s done!


Now this isn’t any type of honey that you see everyday! This is a molasses concoction Moringa honey with goji berry. Goji berries have a good source of Vitamin A and C as well as iron, zinc, fiber and its full of antioxidants. It is said to aid in losing weight and maintaining our blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it also acts as an antioxidants for our eyes and skin; The vitamins in these goji berries could also help boost up our immune system and can come in handy for flu-protection.


So whoever that buys this product has definitely hit the jackpot. As not only are they able to get the nutrients from the Superfood, Moringa itself, but they will also obtain extra nourishment from the almighty goji berries.


    4. LOHAS Organic Moringa Oleifera Ramen

This Moringa Oleifera ramen is made out of Moringa powder, organic yam powder, organic unbleached plain flour and sea salt. Preparations for this dish is very simple as it only requires you to cook the noodles in hot boiling water for 2-3 minutes until it is ready to eat, all so convenient. To anyone who wishes to eat healthy but crave for ramen at the same time, this is your go to product. You can now enjoy your ramen without feeling guilty!

    5. HANDMADE BY DALI-CIOUS Moringa Body Cream

This handmade soap is composed of Moringa, shea butter, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, glycerine and essential oil. It is suitable for all types of skin, helps soothes eczema.


And there you have it! All you need to know about the goodness of Moringa is all here! Now we know why Moringa deserves to be known as the Superfood of 2018. So what are you still waiting for?


Come and get your own supply of Moringa products right now ;-)  





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