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New Year’s Eve Activities to Entertain Kids


Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s hard to believe that we will be welcoming 2022 this coming Saturday! You may be looking for some fun activities to entertain your kiddos for this New Year’s Eve. There are lots of family-friendly activities where your kids can join!


Make a meaningful night before the clock strikes midnight! 


Make a Memory Jar

Start creating a memory jar by recording the big moments, such as family funny photos, traveling photos, or any other special memories. You may also write down the short story of each photo on a piece of paper! It’s a good idea to create a jar of memories and look back on the year with your little one before the New Year comes.


Set-up a Photo Booth

Putting fun in your photos! All you need is a roll of craft paper to start off a photo booth. Get your little one up moving to decorate it with some glitter, shimmering pompoms and stickers. Then, set up some costume props and snap the happy year-end moments with your family and friends!


Brainstorm for a Bucket List

Help your little one to brainstorm their goals, dreams and aspirations to achieve for the year ahead. Creating a bucket list is a great brainstorming session to help stimulate your kid's creative thinking, and remember to nurture them to put those dreams and plans into action. At the end of the year, it will be interesting to look back if all the items on the list have been completed throughout the year.


Host a Countdown Party

Lastly, it’s time for the countdown to ring in the New Year! Hosting a dinner party and having some fun with your kiddos! New Year's Eve is a great time for the whole family to get together and enjoy some family games. You can also invite relatives and your kid’s friend to lighten up the countdown party! At the stroke of 12 o'clock, let's welcome 2022 with great hope and love!


No matter how you celebrate New Year’s Eve with your little one, there are always memories to look back on and exciting things to look forward to next year. Start another new chapter of 365 pages and fill up with new adventures & good fortunes!