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Sensational Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Hey mommies! Do you have the same experience with it?

Every parent knows toddlers can be messy. You turn around for two seconds and your little one is suddenly covered in mud, he’s squished your new lipstick between his fingers or he’s drizzled a trail of honey across the floor.

It may not be fun to clean up but all of that messy play is actually an essential part of your toddler’s learning experience. It’s called sensory play and it includes any activity that stimulates one of the five senses for a young child. These sensory activities give kids a chance to explore and investigate the world around them while encouraging creativity and scientific thinking. Just because this behavior is productive, it doesn’t mean it has to come in the form of a giant, unexpected mess. Help facilitate your child’s sensory learning by providing them with plenty of fun opportunities to engage their senses.


Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Sand table

Bring your child’s fascination with the beach indoors with a sand table. Simply fill a baking dish with colored sand from a craft store. Younger toddlers will have fun playing with and burying toys, while older kids can practice drawing shapes and letters.

Flour sensory trays

Simply scoop some flour onto a tray, baking sheet, or paper plate and let your kids go to town with finger drawings and handprints. Kids will love practicing their art skills with soft, powdery flour. Adding toy cars or measuring utensils to the mix will encourage imaginary play, too!

Rock band

Making music is a great activity for engaging the senses! Make your own instruments or turn your pots and pans into a makeshift drum set. Many people only think about textures when it comes to sensory play, but rhythm and melodies also play a role in sensory learning.



Kids will love exploring this homemade, gooey concoction! Kitchen utensils will allow toddlers to manipulate the goop in even more creative ways. They’ll practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they use kitchen utensils to scoop, spread and push the colorful goop.

Soapy sensory jars

Save an empty plastic container like a peanut butter jar to turn into a sensory jar that will delight your toddler. Fill the jar halfway with water and add food coloring and soap. You can even throw in glitter if you’re feeling fancy! Your toddler will love watching the food coloring and soap bubble up together as he or she shakes and rolls the jar.

ABC sensory table

This activity can teach 2 and 3-year-olds a great way to introduce colors, numbers, and letters. All you have to do is place colored foam letters in a tub or large baking dish, along with different scoops or containers for your kids to explore. They’ll sharpen their early literacy and counting skills while practicing their sensory play.


It’s time for some sensational sensory fun!

Dealing with messes is part of life with a toddler. Make those messes educational with these sensory activities for toddlers. Use these ideas to create significant learning experiences for your kids. You may even want to join in the fun!