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Stevia Powder



What is Stevia powder?

Stevia is the name given to a herbal plant which has sweet leaves or ‘sugary’ leaves. Hence, stevia is commonly used by South Americans as natural sweeteners and a herbal supplement.


Stevia is classified as "zero-calorie," because the calories per serving are so low. Thus, stevia is said to be a healthful alternative for weight loss and diabetes control. The sweet-tasting components in stevia sweeteners are all natural. This characteristic may benefit people who prefer naturally-sourced foods and beverages.


However, do keep in mind that there three forms stevia

  1. Green leaf stevia: Leaves are dried and ground into powder form; used as natural sweeteners and health supplements in South America and Japan.
  2. Stevia extracts: 200 times sweeter than sugar and comparatively less bitter to green leaf stevia
  3. Altered Stevia: This is the highly processed form of stevia which contains GMO ingredients. (The least healthy form of stevia)


So, what are the health benefits of Stevia?


Diabetes control

The ‘zero-calorie’ characteristic of stevia sweeteners do not contribute calories or carbohydrates to the diet and have showed no effect on blood glucose or insulin response. It also helps regulate blood glucose level which could help in diabetic individuals.


Weight loss

Sugar is said to be the culprit of most weight gaining issues- (obesity, overweight). However, stevia contains little to no sugar as well as calories. It can help to reduce the sugar intake in your daily diet without losing that sweet taste.


Improves oral health

Stevia prevents cavities and reduces bacterial formation in the mouth.


Aids in cancer prevention

Stevia is rich with antioxidants which makes it an ideal dietary supplement for various cancer prevention including pancreatic cancer. It contains compounds such as Quercetin, kaempferol, and the other glycoside which helps p to eliminate free radicals in the body, thereby preventing healthy cells from mutating into cancer cells.


Lowers cholesterol level

Stevia helps to reduce bad LDL cholesterol but increases HDL cholesterol levels (which s a healthy cholesterol) and is important for good lipid profile.


How do we consume it?

Stevia may be used as an alternative for table sugar. A pinch of stevia powder is equivalent to one teaspoon of table sugar.

Delicious ways to include stevia in your daily food and beverages:

  • In tea or coffee
  • In homemade lemonade
  • In a smoothie
  • Sprinkled on hot or cold cereal
  • Sprinkled on unsweetened yogurt / normal yogurt will do

Now that you know what is stevia powder, its health benefits as well as ways of consumption, you can now search for your own supply of stevia powder with just the click of your fingers ;-)

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