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Superfoods (i)



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What are superfoods?

Superfoods are food items that are nutritionally dense and thus, beneficial for one’s health. So, what type of foods are considered as superfoods?


Dark Green Leafy Vegetables (DGLVs)



Dark green leafy vegetables are high in fiber and nutrients which could help prevent certain chronic diseases. There are a few famous DGLVs such as kale and spinach.


Goji berries



Goji berries help maintain one’s blood sugar level and boost their immune system. It also increases flu protection and testerone level in males.





One of the hottest superfoods in 2018! Not only is it nutritious, it is also rich in antioxidants. Moringa helps to lower down our blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Nuts & Seeds



Nuts and seeds contains heart-healthy fats and are full of fiber. They may reduce the risk of heart disease and assists in weight loss. One of the superfood nuts would be almonds! They are rich with antioxidants and vitamin E. The nutritious almonds also aids in lowering cholesterol level in one’s body.


Chia Seeds



Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. It aids in weight loss and reduces the risk of diabetes. Chia seeds also contains fiber, iron and calcium which are good for our health.





The next superfood would be flax seeds! Flax seeds contain high quality protein and dietary fiber. It also helps to lower down one’s blood pressure and improves their cholesterol.




Coconut is beneficial in killing harmful microorganisms. It increases fat burn and may also reduce the chances of getting seizures. Coconut also protects our hair, skin and is good for our dental health.





Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants. It helps fight bacterial infection and reduces the risk of getting heart diseases. Cinnamon is also consumed to lower one’s blood sugar level.


After explaining the different types of superfoods, it’s now time to introduce some of our store’s hot-selling superfood products!




*LOHAS Organic Moringa Powder

*LOHAS Organic Moringa Tender Leaf Powder

*BALUNG Moringa Leaf Tea


Kale and Spinach


*HAPPYBABY Superfood Puff Kale & Spinach

*HAPPYBABY Organic Rice Cracker (Spinach)

*LOHAS Organic Spinach Noodle

*MENNOSATO Organic Baby Noodles (Spinach)

*HAPPYBABY Happy Munchies (Broccoli & Kale): unfortunately it is out of stock due to high demand TT


Goji Berries


*Earth Living Organic Gojiberry

*COUNTRY FARM Organic Goji Red Berry



*Earth Living Organic Almond Powder

*Earth Living Organic Almond


Chia Seeds


*RADIANT Organic Chia Seed

*EARTH LIVING Organic Chia Seeds + (small bottle)

*COUNTRY FARM Organic Chia Seeds


Flax Seeds


*COUNTRY FARM Organic Golden Flaxseed

*LOHAS Organic Brown Flaxseed

*LOHAS 100% Organic Golden Flaxseed Powder

*RADIANT Organic Flaxseed

*RADIANT Organic Flaxseed Oil Soap




*HEALTH PARADISE Coconut Flower Sugar

*HEALTH PARADISE Virgin Coconut Oil Soft Gel

*RADIANT Coconut Flour

*COUNTRY FARM Coconut Flour



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