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The Best Chinese New Year Crafts And Activities For Kids


It’s time to plan activities for your kids to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Spend time with your kids to enjoy these activities and prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Try it now to decorate your home!

Through Chinese New Year crafts and activities, children can learn so much about our heritage. But no matter your background, these projects are great for home and school.

Traditionally, for a fresh start to Chinese New Year, houses are cleaned and decorated with lucky colors, red and gold. In addition, Chinese lanterns and banners have messages of fortune, happiness, wealth, and longevity!

Food is also a huge part of Chinese New Year. Many families enjoy dumplings, noodles, and tuan yuan, just to name a few favorite dishes. In addition to crafts and activities, you can also celebrate by reading Chinese New Year books.

What are the best Chinese New Year crafts and activities for kids?

1. Chinese New Year banners

Pairs of red Chinese banners (couplets) are popular decorations for Lunar New Year!Chinese banners are displayed on doors and walls because they are bright red and gold. They also have wishes for good health, lick, and  fortune written in beautiful calligraphy. This is a great activity for all ages.


2. Chinese paper folding fans

Want to make the easiest Chinese paper fans with your kids?  You can even turn scrap paper into something beautiful. If you don’t have red paper at home or want to save paper, you can upcycle anything!


3. Chinese paper cutting

Did you know that Chinese Lunar New Year paper cutting craft is a lot of fun for children? This paper design art originated from cutting patterns for Chinese embroidery and later developed into folk art.  The history of paper cutting began during the Hàn dynasty in China. It was in the 4th century. Just need to use a few simple tools to start the paper cutting and start your creativity!


4. Chinese firecrackers

With red paper and gold tape, you can make your own lucky Chinese Firecrackers for Lunar New Year! Firecrackers are really fun decorations! Firecracker wall hangings are a traditional Chinese New Year decoration. Firecrackers are used to scare off evil spirits and misfortune.

This firecracker decoration features a top ornament with the Chinese characters "Fu" -- Good Luck on one side and "Chun" -- Spring Festival on the other. Add this decoration to your Chinese Lunar New Year collection and hang it year after year to brighten your home and spirits for the New Year!