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Yes, smartphones are affecting our kids. What should we do?

Inevitably, we all waste countless hours on our smartphones, whether responding to work emails or scrolling through Instagram. However, when we’re connecting online, we’re also connecting less with our kids. Besides, kids are tech-savvy these days, unlimited time with electronics may keep our child busy and quiet, but we don’t want them to have too much screen time. However, it’s not always easy to limit your little one in today’s screen-filled world. At least, let's have a try.


How to Limit Your Child's Screen Time


Healthy Use of Electronic

First of all, daddies and mommies need to be role models for kid’s screen use. Before you limit your kids, make sure that you’re setting an example for your kids with your own time spent in front of the screen. Leaving the TV or any smart screen device on for background noise/scrolling your phone for long periods when you have a spare minute is not the model of screen-related behaviour you want to see in your kid.  


Creating a ‘Tech-Free Zones’

Create a completely tech-free area of your home where no smart devices are allowed, whether it's smartphones, video games, YouTube videos or laptops. The most simple and easy place to set up a ‘Tech-Free Zones’ is the dining room. The dining table has always been a symbol of a typical family, in which we get together, share today’s story, while having dinner with our loved ones. 


Choose a ‘Tech-Binge Day’

Sometimes, considering choosing a day or few days of the week on TV or other technological activities is allowed. You may allow your little one to choose some TV shows and watch them only on those days. While at any other than the selected times, they are not allowed to have any technology activity. Over time, they will understand and know not to even ask for extra screen time.


Encourage Other Activities 

With a wealth of apps, games and devices, it's easy for kids to become addicted to electronics for entertainment. Encouraging your child to seek out and engage in activities that don't require a screen is extremely important. There are lots of indoor/outdoor family recreational activities, such as playing badminton, playing hide-and-seek, or even cooking together in the kitchen. There are activities that can distract kids from technology, which can also help establish and establish a schedule that everyone in the family sticks to.


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